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Modernizing, Entertainment.

Sneak Peak

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Interactive Tutorial Dance Party presented by........ Track Avenue & X Events. A Canada Day special.

Track Avenue is rooted in music and entertainment

Track Avenue Records Inc. by nature is a music & pop culture agency that trends the waves of the entertainment industry. We've booked major label artists, developed professional talent, published label recordings, as well as produced numerous live events and music festivals across Canada. Just recently we imagined a new way patrons may migrate through social functions. With this idea we were also fortunate to have solved the equation of providing entertainment all while obeying social distancing laws.

Introducing IMSTA, our Instant Mobile STAge.

Social BRACELETing

As we are maneuvering through this new space and time, help others see your level of comfort by wearing one of these modern leisure products. A portion of the proceeds are being donated to those incredible humans working on our front lines.

Interactive Performers

Party Motivators

Live Musicians